Eggs and Omelets - ingredients

April 16, session 2, "Groceries, but no recipe?"

After I was done with work I saw a message on my telephone that the players where all available that they wanted to play if I was up for it. Pleasantly surprised, I accepted Not only surprised but also caught slightly offguard since I had been intending to write the happenings for the 2nd session that very evening. I had already planned some stuff, so I started throwing the ideas I had together. The theme song for the 2nd session was “Open Your Eyes” by the Guano Apes.

“The group found themselves safe and sound in the library, their friends, allies and servants asleep on the group. In hibernation sleep, these would wake up a day later. The group decided that they would further explore the library, hoping that they would not wind up in a desert again.

Opening the door in the back of the library they found a room with small workplaces lined by enchanted jade, which served to keep certain things in or out.

- A forge with a red lining to keep the heat in. A forge of immense power, this had liquid fire for the melting of metals and table shaped basin that held an alloy consisting of Red Jade and steel.

- A workbench with the appropriate tools to make jewels and cut gems. Valuable filings from diamonds and emeralds were carelessly left behind on the gemcutting table and summarily looted by Zubayr. Had lining to keep wind out, made it really difficult to even walk.

- A small perch with plants from all over creation, this small garden had the plants growing next to each other in an artificial climate. This lining kept an enchantment in check and powered it to keep the plants from dying.

- A library with lining to keep humid air out. A number of titles concerning Religions, Occult, Lore, folktales, history, Linguistics and sorcery where looted and placed temporarily in the grand library hall.

3 rooms adjacent to this one were opened. - A room with wooden ledges portruding from the walls. Everything they could find in the room: a perfectly crafted ink and writing set, empty parchment, and halfly completed prayer strips were taken.

- A room with a Crystal encased beastman: The baboonman encased was dressed rather opulently, like a local rich merchant. Bright Eyes found a small parchment with a text in a rather obscure Old Realm dialect.

- A room containing an incomplete copy of the egg used in the Blossoming of the Inner Petals project. This egg for once was not fitted to the floor and another egg formed by woven wood was found.

Zubayr sensed energies reminding him of Malfeas in the egg. As the group prepared themselves, Zubayr pulled on the two twigs that would open the egg. Inside was revealed to be



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